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Default Re: Question about newly diagnosed Tucker


Just to give another perspective. I've almost always fed a quality dog food, mostly kibble but recently a mix of dry kibble and can food.

We tried home cooking for several months early in Annie's diabetes, but she didn't seem to be getting regulated. I think the problem was I wasn't able to make every meal identical. The recipe called for cubed potato, but how would I be sure each meal had the same amount of potato, or other ingredients? Other folks are doing fine home cooking, but I think Annie does better on identical meals such as weighed out kibble & can food. I use a food scale for each meal because that, again, seems to be more repeatable than scoops or measuring cups for me.

To be honest, I was having some eating problems last year and I had to "doctor" Annie's food for several months. Sometimes I'd shred a tiny amount of chicken breast into her food. Other times I'd add a teaspoon of baby food to lightly coat her dog kibble. She loves the tiny jars of Chicken And Chicken Broth (Beechnut), or Turkey And Turkey Gravy (Gerber). There is enough in the tiny jar to doctor 4-6 meals.

For the past few months I've mixed can food into the kibble. Adding a splash of warm water and mix together to make something like a thick soup. For portion size, I use slightly less than what the can / bag recommends: half can, half kibble (Annie is 15 years old and pretty inactive). Again, this is just what is working, most times, for us.

Annie was an 18 pound Lhasa Apso that crossed the rainbow bridge on 10-5-17. She was nearly 17 years old and diabetic for 9 years.
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