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Default Re: Question about newly diagnosed Tucker

We also do not feed a particular "diabetic" diet. Because of our dog's other digestive and allergy issues, we decided to keep him on his normal kibble and adjust his insulin dose around that.

His numbers are maybe not the greatest but he has done ok on this for nearly four years.

By the way I would be cautious about reading anything into a single number tested at the vet. When we started on this we used to take our dog for a test around lunchtime as the vet thought that his blood sugar would be at its lowest around then. With many dogs it is near its lowest about 5/6 hours after eating but with ours it happens that he is different and it is almost his highest time. If we had continued adjusting his dosage based on that false assumption we could have really overdosed him.

You also can't really compare a single reading from one week to the next. When we deliberately experimented with it, we found that our dog can drop 180 points in an hour of vigorous exercise so something like that (or stress of being at the vet) can account for a huge difference in readings.

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