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Default Re: Diabetes & Nail Trimming

I have no doubt that Lucy would let us trim her nails. I'm just not comfortable doing it untill she's farther along. With her activity level right now I don't think it will bother her much. We even went for a short walk on pavement last week & she seemed fine.

The wound on her leg is looking better every day. I'm just going to concentrate on that for now. I was really worried about it for awhile. A less enclosed (more breathable) bandage seems to be doing the trick. The skin/scar tissue there is just SO thin...

She was giving some thought to chasing the ball with Dingo today. I could SEE the wheels turning in her head. She wanted to but just couldn't screw up the courage... for today.

She has a REALLY handsome gait. Almost a prance like you see foofoo dogs do in the show ring. I said ALMOST. Lucy is a Cattle Dog, and Cattle Dogs do NOT prance!