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Default Re: Insulin storage...

I always made a note of changing vials--matter of fact, I'd write the start date on the front of the carton when I took the first draw from it. There were times when that information came in handy.

What you may see, though it's nothing to get concerned about, is that Lucy's numbers may be slightly lower than expected after you start a new vial. This is because the insulin's brand new; we would see this with Lucky. It was never anything low enough to make us concerned, but knowing that the bit lower than usual numbers were due to the vial being newly-opened was it. Know that some people can see this and then when the numbers get slightly higher, think there's something the matter when it's not.

The other side of this is that it can help you determine if you have a bad vial of insulin. We had brand new vials of the old Lilly insulin and after we tested a draw from the opened one, found that the insulin left their plant at about 45-40% potency. It hadn't gone bad from heat or cold, it was sent weak from there.

When Lucky pulled some unexpected high numbers, we then knew something was the matter with the insulin and not with him.

Being able to tell John that we'd just started a vial or, in the case of the old Lilly insulin, that it had been around and open for X length of time or brand new, was a big help for us if we hit a "bump". The times we hit one, it was the insulin or a heartworm med as the cause, not something wrong with Lucky.