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Default Barney - 8yo Jack Russell Terrier

Hello everyone,

I have an 8 year old Jack Russell Terrier who has been diagnosed this week with Cushings. Our journey to this diagnosis began in January, the vets were initially looking for a kidney problem and originally diagnosed him with Chronic Kidney Disease. When all the kidney tests came back negative, they decided to throw in a Cushing's test as well. They told me before the test it was likely to come back negative and we would still have no diagnosis. They were very surprised when the Cushing's came back positive.

Our primary vet has sent the results to the Small Animal Hospital at University of Florida for review. We had been working with the vets there as well trying to diagnosis his suspected kidney problem. We don't know yet what type of Cushing's he has and we are feeling really worried about all this right now. From what I've read, the treatment for Cushings is pretty tough to go through.

I'm pregnant right now with our first child, but he's been our baby for 8 years. I'm trying to keep positive and not let all the negative stuff get to me but it's hard. I'm so worried about him and would just appreciate some information.

I don't' have a copy of the labs yet, but I'll get a copy of them on Monday.

Thanks in advance,