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Default Re: Barney - 8yo Jack Russell Terrier

They faxed over the results this evening. I'd really love to hear feedback about these results. All were way above normal and the note on the test say "these results indicate presence of increased adrenal activity-severe"

Test Result (baseline) Result (post ACTH)

Cortisol 166.0 229.7

Androst- 4.0 9.9

Estradiol 114.4 110.4

Progesterone 1.61 3.74

17OH Progest. 1.03 3.5

Aldosterone 653.6 727.1

The top of the page for treatment options says "Steroid Profiles in the Diagnosis of Atypical Cushing's Disease" The vet has never mentioned atypical...can anyone help me understand what that means?

Thanks in advance for your advice and help.