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Default Re: Barney - 8yo Jack Russell Terrier

Just compared Barney's results to the reference ranges I just posted and, boy, do I see what they mean by severe!

Have you had an abdominal ultrasound done to rule out an adrenal tumor? (I'm not saying that these results suggest that necessarily at all but it is something you'd want to have checked out if you haven't already.)

I would think with the big elevations in all those hormones that actually Trilostane will not be the best treatment because although it lowers some of the hormones it elevates others as a side effect and this can cause a continuation or even worsening of symptoms especially over time. Dogs with these sorts of results on this testing are usually treated with Lysodren and melatonin and lignans to help address the estradiol which is sometimes not addressed completely by the Lysodren.

The UTK will have included a treatment recommendation along with the test results.

Debbie's (stardeb55) dog Harley had similar results on his testing and he is being treated with a combination of those three treatments and is doing well - I'm sure you will hear from her soon.