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It's hard to predict how various vegetables will affect an individual dog's blood sugar.

Take, for example, green beans. Most people who've given them have been able to use them as a "free" snack because they have little sugar and few calories. But a few dogs who are really sensitive to such things actually got a big boost of sugar from green beans.

I've seen other really carby stuff such as oatmeal have the same very different effects in individual dogs.

Whether a diet needs more carbs depends on the curve - carbs are usually digested pretty quickly so supply sugar early in the 12-hour period between injections. So they can be really helpful if a dog's blood sugar drops hard and fast right after eating - that's a sign of a quick jolt of insulin with little sugar from the meal to go with it. Replace some of the meal with a quickly digested carb gives a quick shot of sugar at the same time as the insulin is working.

Curves are the best way to figure out what, if anything needs changing. It takes a while to learn to interpret them, but we can help you with that.

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