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Ok, I was reading around quickly and from the caninsulin uk site:
Hyperglycaemia due to a Somogyi effect can sometimes persist for as long as 3 days after a single hypoglycaemic episode. As a result blood glucose concentrations do not always normalise within a few days of lowering the insulin dose.
If the Somogyi effect is suspected, an alternative approach is to decrease the dose by 20% and closely observe the clinical signs. If signs of polyuria or polydipsia worsen a few days following the dose adjustment, it is unlikely that the Somogyi effect was the cause of the regulation problems. Conversely, if the polyuria and polydipsia disappear within a few days it is probable that the Somogyi effect was the cause.
Either of the following blood glucose curves indicate Somogyi effect:
  • Hypoglycaemia (low nadir) followed by rebound hyperglycaemia. [or BG dropped into actual hypoglycemic range, and then shot up high]
  • A rapid decrease in glycaemia with an adequte nadir followed by rebound hyperglycaemia. [Snowball's version- drops down quickly but to what looks like a "good" number, and then shoots way up again]
In this case, going from either the 3 units or 2.5 units you end up roughly at 2 units, so I would feel safe trying that amount if it were my kiddo. I do not know if it would be better to drop back to the 1.5 or not, but I would think 2 would be better than not changing. Please note above that her numbers WILL NOT immediately look perfect, or possibly very nice at all (I have looked many times at the tester screen with numbers in the 400's and 500's while we were figuring out Bean's dosage). But in this case, we need to get her to stop having large drops and then rebounding, before it turns into an all out hypoglycemic crisis. High sugar while being treated with insulin is far less dangerous than messing with hypoglycemia. So I think the only thing to do is grit your teeth through it, and do a full week at a lower number and see where she stabilizes with that, and then do a full curve and see what's going on before deciding to change anything at all.

That's my .05 (inflation, you know)
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