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Default Re: Introducing Luna

I've been in lurking status, trying to gain insight on my dog's issues. The pancreatitis has become an ongoing problem. My once eager to eat pup is now struggling. The canned version of the hepatic seems to be tolerated if we can get her to eat it. There has been episodes of vomiting.

I've been a good diabetic dog mom and have done weekly curves. She was great, but now is all over the place. She developed cataracts last week. She was already blind from PRA, but her once glowing green eyes have faded.

The biggest problem now is aggression. I mean full blown Cujo like behavior. It comes out of nowhere. She will come and sit on one of my kid's laps as they sit on the floor. She starts to snap after a few pats.

I thought she may have a tender spot, but she's been looked over. She's been snapping during vet exams, etc.

My husband has stopped trying to administer her insulin because of multiple bites to his hands. I've been the only one who can test and administer and now she has turned on me.

The last two days have been miserable. For her and for me. It's probably the pancreatitis pain that has her so uncomfortable.

Doctor wants to retest for Cushings. My husband said for the first time we should consider giving her peace. My heart is breaking.

Has anyone had a dog that was temporarily aggressive? I've read online that these behaviors tend to become a pattern. Any suggestions on how to administer a shot to wildly mad dog? For such a small things she has the strength of ten men when it comes to shot time! Thanks!
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