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Default Re: Barney - 8yo Jack Russell Terrier

Thanks for the info everyone. I hadn't heard about not handling the meds while pregnant, thanks so much for that. The treatment options on the report from Dr. Oliver are as follows (I wonder if these are in order of preference? anyone know?)
1. Ultrasound (we had one done in March)
2. Melatonin
3. Melatonin Implants
4. Flaxseed oil with lignans
5. Maintenance dose of Lysodren
6. Lysodren traditional treatment
7. Trilostane (it says in the notes that Lysodren may be preferred for Atypical Cushings)
8. Ketaconazole
9. Selegiline
10. Specific hypertrinism treatment
11. Ovarian remnant detection (he's a boy...)
12. Retained testicle detection