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Default Re: Barney - 8yo Jack Russell Terrier

Hi Kelley,

Did the ultrasound say anything about his adrenal glands? These are the glands looked for in an U/S on a cush pup so I am curious as to what they had to say about them.

As for the treatment options, it sounds as if Dr O would use either melatonin and lignans, or those plus the Lysodren as maintenance or with the usual loading approach. On Squirt's results, it states which numbers are "recommended" but I have noticed some of the latter results say "some veterinarians consider items..." like yours does. Still, whether recommended by Dr O directly or whether stated as it is on your sheet, I would stick with his ideas, which doesn't include Trilo. As high has some of her hormone levels are already, that would be playing with fire, IMHO. So I hope you simply got confused with what your vet said. Very easy to do with all these new terms, meds, etc!

You're doing a great job, so keep it up!
Leslie and the girls

PS. Since you are pregnant, please use gloves if you use the Lyso and wash your hands and arms off good after dosing, ok? We want all in your house to be well!