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Default Re: Newly Diagnosed, having issues

I looked through the CBC one of the vets did and it doesn't look like they included the T4 test or anything thyroid-related. I looked at the bill from the other vet and it doesn't look like they did any bloodwork at all really. We are going to have to take her back sometime soon, but most of our money was eaten up by the hospitalization so we are waiting until we have enough for a return visit.

She has teeth issues and a skin infection that they noted and told me they addressed, but I'm pretty sure they did not because there's nothing on the bill about it and the issues are still there, especially the skin problem/infection.

We did another curve with no changes to diet or exercise times. She is currently at 15 units twice daily. Her BG is averaging higher and higher every time we do a curve it seems. The mid to low 300s and low 400s we were seeing around 10-12 units haven't reappeared yet. Her daily energy levels are lower and lower so we've had to shorten her walks because she just gets too tired.

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