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Default Re: Introducing Luna

Thanks to all for your replies.

The meeting did not go well. She says there really isn't a point moving forward if we don't exam the Cushings and treat it first. No curve until Cushings is ruled out.

She now has us at 11 units twice a day for a 22 lb dog. I know that ranges vary, but I think she just ups the dose if the number is over 300. (Luna was at 319 yesterday). These tests are always done at 4 hours after morning dose.

Ironically there was three other families in the waiting room. Two waiting for their twice weekly blood sugar test. The third person there was with her cat, but when she heard why we were there she boldly said the vet was doing it all wrong and we should home test.

I'm going to make it my mission to read and educate myself this weekend. I've purchased a monitor from Amazon and it should be here tomorrow. Luckily I work from home, so testing and dosing are not a problem.

It amazes me that with so many diabetic pets a more regulated and trusted protocol is not in place. Why so many bad approaches? How many pets suffer/die/put down because of vet error?

So grateful to find this community. Thank you!

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