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Default Re: Newly Dx: Ruby, my foster rescue Yorkie mix

Your comment about injecting for 30 years made me .

A friend has donated an One touch mini with 25 test strips, so I may try some parallel readings to see if they are within the 10% allowance. Besides, I failed to realize that the started kit for Alpha Trak had only 25 strips instead of 50, so I will run out one or two reading before the order arrives. I don't really want to skip any fasting readings, if possible. I am free handing the lances with the AT because i think the sound would spook her. The auto-lance with the One Touch seems much quieter, and she has little reaction to it so far. Of course, I didn't have a lance in it or try to get a sample.

I want to try the pad above the pad to see if she reacts better to that than her mouth. She doesn't offer to bite, which is wonderful, but she surely resists as much as possible. We wrap her in a blanket, but I would prefer to find a "sweeter" spot.

The vet will do a curve next Tuesday, and we may do one one Saturday.
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