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Default Re: Newly Dx: Ruby, my foster rescue Yorkie mix

Parallel readings did not go so well, so I abandoned the One Touch for now. Found a new friend who had some extra strips for the AT, which filled in until my order could arrive. I have been ill with a virus, so have not kept you up to date.

We have adjusted her food intake; the kibble was too high in carbs, but it's what I have as a foster Mom. Lowered the amount of kibble, Added 1 tsp. pure white chicken breast (in water) for protein and calories.

She was groomed last week and got a small nic on her bum which is bothering her. Vet prescribed clavamox. We are spraying it with silver colloidal water and keeping her in a cone most of the time so she can't lick it.

Vet increased insulin to 1.5 units, BID.

Curve for 9/20 with food and insulin adjusted
6:30, 434, fasting
8:40, 445, fasting (at vet)
9:52, 459, fasting (at home after vet)
Full meal, clavamox. 1.5 u/NovolinN
12:04, 414
2:31, 394
5:30, 298
7:30, 296
9:02, 373
full meal, clavamox, 1.5 u/NovolinN

Notes: more energy; gave pure chicken as treats after every test
She has decided that I am her friend; I think the chicken made the difference.
She is not drinking as much water, so I am watching that.
I know these numbers are not indicative of where she will "land", but since we changed both her food and insulin at the same time, I wanted to monitor her anyway.

fasting, 9/21, am, 249
fasting, 9/21, pm, 412

fasting, 9/22, am, 248 (today)

I really need to find a kibble that is low fat/carb, high fiber/protein. Haven't felt up to the search yet.
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