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Default Re: Snickers' story

Originally Posted by amydunn19 View Post
My dog can't eat potatoes or rice either. She likes the taste but those ingredients don't like her.

Nutrisca is a brand you might try with no potato or rice. Dogs seem to like it. I usually don't push brands but finding something with no potato or rice is tough because most can be very high protein.

Is it possible the food was bad? Does it smell funny?
I think the food was ok. I'm not even sure that's what caused Snickers to get sick but she wasn't that excited about the food either so I think I will just return it.

I'm thinking about trying Nutrisca but I can't buy it locally so I would have to order it. I usually try to get things locally so I don't have to plan ahead and order or be worried that something will arrive on time. But I really want to be able to rotate food so I think I will give it a try.
Snickers was an 18 year old Skye terrier mix. - Diagnosed 12-1-15. Angel status 4-21-19. She was a once in a lifetime dog that will always be in my heart.
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