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Default Re: New and needing advice

Walmarts relion n insulin has saved me about $4200 in jesses 6 year run of diabetes ( thanks walmart ) . Now i don't know if vetsulin was better choice as it was coming off the market 2 weeks into jesse's diagnosis so i cant give much of an opinion but when jesse did make the change her pattern remained the same . She used both humulin and novolin she also dabbled in lantus and has used novolog and r insulin

After all that we ended with nph or n insulin and has worked well for jesse . I do think the insulin for dogs that we do have is not optimum for a dogs metabolism but its adequate for a dog to live a happy dogs life with normal lifespans

Now of coarse i would not celebrate the savings for jesse to suffer as far as less than adequate regulation . So if i thought there was something better i would probably move to that even if its more money
Jesse-26 lbs - 15.5 years old - 10 years diabetic - one meal a day homemade and a vitabone snack - 3 shots of Novolin a day sometimes Novolog or r as a correction to higher sugar but that is rare. total insulin for a 24 hour period is between 8 and 10 units of NPH insulin depending on her fasting number
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