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Default Re: Stiff legs. Diabetic dog isn't walking well and falling/tipping over

Cervical (neck area) injuries are one of the few things that can impact a dog's front legs. Your description of his neck not letting him reach down may also indicate there is an injury to the cervical area.

If you have access to a veterinary neurologist, my recommendation would be that you have your pup evaluated by one. Until then, you may try to raise the food/water dish to the point there is not a need to reach down. If you use a collar/leash, try switching to a harness, to keep pressure off the neck area.

If there is a wait to see a neurologist, check with your regular vet and ask if there is any anti-inflammatory and pain medication they might consider - to see if that helps improve the symptoms at all.

Learning to manage a newly diagnosed diabetic can be overwhelming by itself, seeing your pup struggle with mobility certainly adds to that worry. Wishing you the best in getting things sorted out and hoping your pup gets back to feeling better soon.
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