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Default Re: I feel like giving up

I had a dog who was diabetic and later on diagnosed with pancreatitis and hypothyroidism. His diabetes went uncontrolled for months until we discovered and treated the hypothyroidism.

The sugar in the urine can make diabetic dogs prone to urinary tract infections - and any type of infection can cause insulin resistance in a diabetic.

Dogs who suffer from undiagnosed hypothyroidism may have high levels of triglycerides and high cholesterol values (high lipids). High lipid levels can make a dog prone to pancreatitis. Hypothyroidism can also impact many other systems and can cause significant insulin resistance in a diabetic dog.

Pancreatitis can cause insulin resistance in a diabetic dog.

I say all of this because your dog has a lot going on right now - and he may simply need time for his system to slowly recover.

Has he had blood work done recently? How are his thyroid levels? What are his current triglyceride and cholesterol values (are they lowering with thyroid medication)?

Typically diabetic dogs get two meals a day - one before each injection. However, dogs with pancreatitis may be an exception - as they may require smaller, more frequent meals, to allow their system to slowly recover. They may also require a low fat, bland diet for a time while they recover, and as they show progress of recovering they can be transitioned over a period of time back to their regular dog food. Has the vet offered any pain medication for the pancreatitis? What antibiotic is he on for the UTI (some antibiotic medications can cause stomach upset)? What dose of thyroid medication is he on?

There have been several labs / lab mixes on this forum that have seen rear leg weakness and many have recovered with time. Both hypothyroidism and diabetes can contribute to the rear leg weakness.

Given all your dog has going on - it would be ideal to try to test his blood glucose on a regular basis - as things like his food intake, his UTI resolving, pancreatitis resolving, etc... will all impact his blood glucose levels and his insulin needs. I understand you feel that is not an option for you to do (thank you for being upfront & honest) - but maybe you could minimally purchase some ketostix to check his urine for glucose and ketones:

It's not an easy road to travel - but you've been a great advocate for him thus far and if you can get him over these initial obstacles, hopefully his health will improve to where you'll know for sure he's still willing to fight.
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