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Exclamation Help! I accidentally gave my dog too much insulin!

I just gave Snickers too much insulin. She didn't eat her breakfast so I gave her half a dose. Went for her walk, she came in, ate her food and then instead of giving her the last half of her dose I gave her a full dose. She normally gets 8 and she got a total of 12 this morning!

Her BG was really high this morning but I can't believe I did this. I just gave her a bunch of extra chicken and an alpo snap but what's my best strategy now. Give her extra food now and or later? Give syrup now and or later?

How often should I test her? Every hour? Half hour? I'm just sick that I spaced off like this. Please Help!
Snickers was an 18 year old Skye terrier mix. - Diagnosed 12-1-15. Angel status 4-21-19. She was a once in a lifetime dog that will always be in my heart.
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