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Default Re: Help! I accidentally gave my dog too much insulin!

This happened to me before. I also forgot a few times and even injected myself by accident. If there is a mishap with injections or testing, I had it.

My advice would be test and donít try to compensate with food until you know the number. It may one of those days when it is high anyway. Otherwise, you can get on the roller coaster of pushing Snickers too high. I would test every 30 minutes or so and look for any danger signs.

One time, Maggie got into my honeybaked ham and had that yummy coating all in her white beard. I just knew for sure that her sugar would be off the charts. It never got high at all. I think sometimes their body can adjust a bit on their own especially if they have had diabetes for a while. Donít beat yourself up because life just happens sometimes.
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