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Default Re: Lily - My English Setter

Well, the boiled chicken breast and brown rice worked. I had her on that for a few days and now she’s back to her normal food and insulin. I always worry about pancreatitis returning.

She just had her semi annual visit to the eye vet and all is well there. She continues taking Ketorolac eye drops daily. They’re non steroidal anti inflammatory drops.

Lily really slowed down this summer, which was extremely hot for the Buffalo NY area. She started to have hind leg weakness, so I switched her from plain Dasuquin to Dasuquin with MSM and that seems to have helped. She really has improved with the cooler fall weather.
Lily is a 62 lb English Setter, born 07-27-2007.
Diabetes: Aug 2013 - Hypothyroidism: Dec 2013 - Cataract Surgery: Feb 2014
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