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Default Ace the Border Collie

Good Morning folks! I'm a new member and wanted to introduce myself and Ace. I picked up Ace in September 2016 and he was a happy, healthy bouncy border collie puppy. Regular trips to the vet and in January '18 he was 34 lbs. Fast forward to April '18, we had some pretty severe storms here in Virginia and (I believe) Ace got some parasite from playing in the local creek by the dog park and water run off from a storm drain in our yard. Sloopy, cow patty poop and weight loss, I take him to the vet in June and he was down to 24 lbs and diagnosed with EPI. In July, he started to drink voraciously and peeing everywhere. Hello Diabetes diagnosis!!
After a ton of reading and some help from the epi4dogs forum, Ace is now up to 38-39 lbs!!! We feed a mix of kibble, chicken breast, sweet potato, and fat free cottage cheese.
Currently we're giving 6 units of Vetsulin twice a day. I was wondering what anyone's thoughts were about talking to my vet about possibly switching insulins. Price being the major reason. I have a testing kit at home and have run a couple curves so far. I just need more experience in understanding all of the information from the curves and how to adjust along the way.
Looking forward to being a part of the group and learning through shared experiences of everyone here.

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