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Default Re: Who took their dog to a specialist? Advice?

My goodness... pretty much the last thing you needed in your life was a difficult to regulate diabetic who doesn't live with you!

There's ideal, which most of us can't do, and then there's what you can do. And generally, what you can do is enough.

The best news about diabetes in dogs is that it does not have the kinds of terrible side effects it has for humans.

Dogs can live long healthy happy lives with blood sugar that never goes below 200 so long as it doesn't spend an extended period of time above about 350, like all day. Cataracts is the main side effect. You don't have to worry about cardio-vascular and circulatory problems and organ failure so long as the blood sugar is decently regulated.

We benefitted from my working from home with a very flexible schedule and no children to care for - what we did simply would not have been possible otherwise. It was a gift I was glad to be able to give our dog, who had a very rough start in life, but it's not necessary for your dog to be healthy and happy and live a normal lifespan.

But remember, what seems like a crazy ridiculous amount of work now actually becomes so routine that it's... nonexistent. It's just part of the caretaker's day like brushing their teeth and taking a shower.

And you can pick times of day for meals and injections that best fit their lifestyle.

Our dog actually got four shots and meals a day, one every six hours. We set them at 10am, 4pm, 10pm, and 4am. That way, I could go to meetings and our for dinner, etc., and still generally be able to stay on schedule. So if there are better times for your two injections and meals a day, go ahead and use those.

The only rules are it's good if it works for your dog!

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