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Default Re: Who took their dog to a specialist? Advice?

We used various diets over the years. In my experience in these forums, the prescription diet often works extremely well and our dog was on dry Science Diet WD for a long time.

We later switched to canned brands like Wellness, Avoderm and supplemented with some lowfat cottage cheese because he digested the canned food pretty quickly and we wanted to slow his digestion down a bit.

Any good quality food can potentially work. Just depends on how your dog processes the insulin and digests the food.

And you can always replace some of the dog food with things like lowfat cottage cheese, grated parmesan, white meat chicken or turkey, or even some dog gravies and flavorings. Just use sparingly and subtract some food for the calories they provide.

Some dogs really love vegetables (ours definitely did NOT) and will do just above anything for a green bean or some broccoli or cauliflower. Those are great treats if your dogs likes them.

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