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Default Re: Who took their dog to a specialist? Advice?

Originally Posted by k9diabetes View Post
My goodness... pretty much the last thing you needed in your life was a difficult to regulate diabetic who doesn't live with you!

There's ideal, which most of us can't do, and then there's what you can do. And generally, what you can do is enough.

Yea the timing isn't ideal that's for sure, I cried a lot during daisy's hospitalization and after when I thought we would lose her. All those stress hormones definitely weren't great, but what can you do, such is life!

How about a DKA though? That's what I'm worried about the most since it happened to her once and we completely dropped the ball on that. I don't know how high and for how long the sugars have to be elevated before a DKA episode happens. I'm mostly paranoid about that. Cataracts would be really sad too of course, but at least they're not life threatening. Speaking of, did your dogs go blind? Have you used any supplements for the eyes, like Ocuglo? Daisy is so visual, she always stares everyone in the eyes with her black beautiful little eyes. Would be so heartbreaking to see her lose that
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