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Default Re: Who took their dog to a specialist? Advice?

Originally Posted by jesse girl View Post
i have not done a curve in over 8 years since she acquired her type of regulation . i just test her before her shot of insulin but lately i have had to skip some of that do to an injury i have . i am not so concerned because her routine is stable . i dont worry about her going to low .

there was another forum member who was trying to help there family with a diabetic dog but like you if the family doesnt step up you are limited in what you can do .

i have used a human meter for almost 10 years at 10 cents a strip so if the pet meter is not affordable then this is an option and lots of people use a human meter

just calm yourself down it doesnt have to be perfect . get your family involved because they are the ones going to be taking care of the pup
The reason why I feel like I have to regulate most of this is because Daisy was initially my dog. I got her as a puppy back in college, but she has since become a family dog and always lived in our family home for the past almost 9 years. So everyone loves and cares for her, but I feel like responsibility is still on me since I was the one who brought her into our lives. So I can't blame my family, they're doing a lot for her considering. I can't ask them to do these bi-weekly curves and keep taking her to the vets for lab work we had to do for cushing's etc. It was really a lot. It's a good thing everyone stepped in and we split the huge vet bills she had for hospitalization. You don't think about these things when you get a pet, how serious things can turn.

As for the human monitor, typically those strips aren't that cheap either, but also my vet said that the human monitor isn't very accurate for pets. So I just didn't want to risk trying to regulate her with inaccurate numbers. But I'm open to finding an alternative because alphatrak is a complete rip off. God I can't stand it when companies make money on desperate people. They know we don't have many other options!
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