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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

Kumbi Ya Sentry X. Twitch y Thunderpaws
Red Australian Terrier, neutered male
Date of birth: 19 November, 1996
Diagnosed 1 September, 2006.
His sire, Buck, had diabetes also

Kumbi is in glowing good health; has been since last winter.

weight: 20 pounds

Diet: Medi-Cal Fibre Formula, one cup dry, 4 grams canned, twice a day, 12 hours apart; small treats of broccoli, low-fat cottage cheese, and the like.

Insulin: Novolin NPH
6.5 units, twice daily, 30 minutes after meals

One-Touch Ultra; One-Touch Ultra2; will be receiving a GlucoPet for testing and evaluation and reporting, to feature on my web site

Mostly blind from diabetic cataracts; has a bit of peripheral vision; apparently sees light and dark.

Kumbi came to me as a gift at eight months and two days of age, direct from breeder. I had him neutered two weeks later (with breeder's consent).

We walk twice a day from 20 to 40 minutes, with elder companion Australian Terrier (not related), Kwali Corazon Houdini Porcupine Twinkletoes; she is 1.5 years older than Kumbi, and came to me in poor condition at age 17.5 months (returned to [the same] breeder). These two are great buddies, and Kumbi benefits greatly from the companionship (so does Kwali, who is recovering from a mild stroke), at age 13.5

Cohort VekToria TwinkelMaus invites you to investigate further at:

I'm brand new here; thanks, Natalie, for the great welcome!
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