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Default Re: Understanding Pepper's Juvenile Diabetes

I tested Hero's blood sugar several times through the day regularly. If he looked at me cross eyed I tested him. In the beginning, I tested every hour while introducing R to the NPH. The puppy will not make headway in any kind of housetraining until the blood sugar comes wayyyy down. Under 200. We tried for tight regulation with Hero, to preserve his organs. He was never neutered. Several vets told me they wouldn't do it. i even spoke to the large animal vets about banding, but we were all concerned as a diabetic he would heal properly, so he was regulated as a growing intact male. He never made adult springer size though, and was my little midget. He never got above 32 lbs.

For now i would suggest making a puppy xpen, the bottom of a plastic crate filled with yesterday's news cat litter (its pelleted newspaper) and get her trained to use it. Puppies use it pretty regularly and quite easily. They want to be clean, they just can't stop peeing. I would give free access to more water than she can drink while unattended, but until the blood sugar comes down you won't do anything about the peeing and constant thirst.
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