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Old 01-17-2013, 07:12 PM
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Default Re: My Sweet Bagel in Heaven now..

Sande-I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Bagel. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Vicki-Scoop, Raleigh, Archie and Gus' mom
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Old 02-06-2013, 06:06 PM
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Default Re: My Sweet Bagel in Heaven now..

Wondering how you are doing. Would love to hear from you next time you stop by.
Patty and Ali 13.5yrs 47lbs diagnosed May '08 Ali earned her wings October 27, 2012, 4 months after diagnosis of a meningioma ~ Time is precious ~
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Old 02-15-2013, 07:25 PM
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Default Re: My Sweet Bagel in Heaven now..


Man this doesn't get easier, really...I still cry most days for my sweet girl...Been four weeks now...I hate coming home and not seeing her face in the window or hearing her howl when I pulled up in the parking space.

Several friends have lost their sweet old furbabies since then...We hug and run from each other mostly...

I don't want another dog..I want her...and I so loved caring for her when she developed her issues..

Some dear friends took the buggy- I insisted that they do that. They have two elderly pugs and they live about 30 miles away so I wouldn't have to see it... We have had a few warm days and it just tears me up when I think of our buggy years...

My cat is sleeping on the bed most nights which is a switch for her. She has adjusted I think- and having her here is better than not having an animal...but she is not a huggy cat so we just do the best we can...

I have lost people and many animals in my life...but this is just the worst grief ever...I know that the prayers of so many folks and the grace of God keep me going right now...A new season of my life is beginning and I am retiring from teaching in two weeks...

I will find outlets and things to help keep me busy...
Sorry to sound so YUK.....but I know you guys understand...
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Old 02-15-2013, 07:38 PM
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Default Re: My Sweet Bagel in Heaven now..

You're right, Sande; we do understand. Each of us finds some different ways to manage our griefs - but they don't just go away. It takes time - lots of time - to heal from the worst of the griefs we feel when we lose a companion animal in whom we've invested so much care.

I believe the energy of those animals isn't lost, which is why I speak so freely of Kwali and Kumbi moving over here with Camellia and me to our new home, of them playing at Rainbow Bridge, welcoming new companions, especially from here, of them dropping things as needed from the Bridge to the humans caring for dogs here on the forum - and so forth.

They are just going on doing what they did naturally (or at least, thought about) when they were here on Earth with me.

Every animal who has been on this forum (lots of cats in Everything Else, for instance) is always a member here. It's a BIG, growing, increasing, family. And we keep learning from each other - animals and humans alike.

And the loving energies provide assistance to all who are here.

Bagel easily does her share, alongside and with you. So don't hesitate to tell stories of your life together.

Fri, 15 Feb 2013 18:38:30 (PST)
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Old 02-15-2013, 09:36 PM
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Default Re: My Sweet Bagel in Heaven now..

Sending hugs your way, Sande.
Holli & Decker // diagnosed November 5th, 2011 // Journeyed to the bridge January 26th, 2013, surrounded by his family at home // 9 years old // Levemir insulin // Hypothyroid // C1-C5 cervical spinal lesion // weight 87 lbs // Run with the wind my sweet boy. Run pain free. Holding you close in my heart till we meet again!
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Old 02-15-2013, 09:49 PM
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Default Re: My Sweet Bagel in Heaven now..

Your post brought back all my memories of Sidley who passed on last May. I totally understand how sad you are and how you miss Bagel so much. I know that you only want Bagel but sometimes another dog comes along when you least expect it and wins your heart - but in a different way to Bagel.
I was lucky that toffee came to me and CJ and even though she was there before Sidley left us its made all the difference to CJ having a friend.

You said you were starting a new chapter in your life so maybe a new pup who needs a home will find one with you eventually. You have such a big heart with all that love to give to another doggie who would also give back so much more to you - as we all know from our pups.

I hope I'm not saying the wrong thing I don't want to upset you just thinking out loud.
Thinking of you and hope you start to feel a bit less sad soon. Hugs
Anne-Marie and CJ Westie , Born 13 Jan 2004, dx May 2012, Weight 9.5kg, 6 iu Caninsulin Twice daily. Mixture of food - baby formula and mixture of chicken and vegetables . 4-6 feeds a day due to pancreatitis which is under control.
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Old 02-16-2013, 08:01 AM
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Default Re: My Sweet Bagel in Heaven now..

I've been exactly where you are. I was the same way with my cat Abby who died in 2011. I wanted her back so badly. I still do, but here's what happened in the meantime:

A feral kitten showed up in my back yard this summer. I didn't actively go out and get a new cat. I was trying to save money and didn't want to "replace" Abby. But, what do you do when a little creature shows up who peaks your interest? She became my project, and now she's a member of the household and I love her dearly.

I still miss Abby. She was a wonderful cat and I spent many hours unlocking her little psychological secrets, as one may do with cats. But, she was sick and had to move on. And now I focus on the living members of my household.

I'm very pleased that I was able to make a safe home for this little cat, who has made me very happy, and I hope you will consider bringing another dog into yours. You need time, of course, but there are many homeless dogs out there and one might just find you. If not, go find him or her at the shelter when you're ready.
Zoe: 12 yr old Black Lab/shepherd mix. Diagnosed 6/1/11. Currently on 15 units Novolin NPH 2x day, and hopefully as close to regulated as possible. Feeding merrick Grain Free Salmon and Sweet Potato. Weight 63lbs.
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Old 02-16-2013, 09:26 AM
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Default Re: My Sweet Bagel in Heaven now..

Your relationship with your Bagel was certainly very special, Sande. A not so funny thing about relationships seems to be that the better they are, the deeper and longer the hurt when one leaves and they end.

Like you, Sande, I've found myself really fulfilled taking acre of Otis' needs since his diagnosis with diabetes. Seems our bond has become much stronger. Otis is coming up on 14 years in July, and it pains me to see him becoming a bit more frail each week. Deep down, we all know how these relationships will likely end simply due to the significant differences in lifespans, and periodically will try to deny what is unavoidable.

Being a member of this forum, we witness our fellow members experiencing these deep and painful losses of their best friends, and know our day will come to experience the same. We watch these same folks extending themselves in any way possible to care for and comfort their furry best friends.
Otis Farrell dx'd 12/10, best friend to his dad, Bill, for over 14 years. Left this world while in his dadís loving arms 10/04/13. Sonny Farrell dx'd 1/14, adopted 5/15/14. Left this world while in his dad's loving arms 9/06/16. Run pain free, you Pug guys, til we're together again.
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Old 02-16-2013, 10:48 AM
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Default Re: My Sweet Bagel in Heaven now..

Dear Sande...

So sorry to hear about your loss. It is the hardest thing I think we humans go thru. They give us such unconditional love.

Our thoughts are with you.

Jeanne, Mom of Mini-Me
Al, Jeanne & Mini-Me -- Pointer/Lab | 75 lbs | 11.5 yrs |diagnosed 10/2012 | A-Typical Cushings (Adrenal Exhaustion) since 2008 treated w/small doses of steroids | home test w/meter | boiled chicken breasts/thighs - no skin/bones, frozen green beans, and oatmeal
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Old 02-18-2013, 06:25 PM
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Default Re: My Sweet Bagel in Heaven now..

Always a thank you for all those kind words...

I went to my neighbor's yesterday to give her something and she has a 3 month old Beagle puppy that I arranged for her to get...

The silly thing jumped over the pet gate and came to me acting like a crazed puppy does..!!

I enjoyed those long silky ears and that sweet face and it was nice...
but it is not time to think of such things....My girls deserves a mourning and until I can speak of her without tuning up for a crying session I will enjoy visiting and going home...

My cat is just weird and always has been....but she IS here and I am glad for that....

for so long I haven't gone anywhere or done anything that interfered with that 12 hour cycle of insulin shots....so I will visit some and go to the beach for the first time this summer...but i took her with me the last times I went before Cushings...

But the next 2 weeks I am very busy with school, and tired and I do find early bed comes more now....I still have too much time on my hands that use to be devoted to my Bagel....
BUT we had so many great years and every summer in that buggy i used to call it the Halcyon days because they were so peaceful and we had no issues even though we were in the middle of Cushings and Diabetes and SHE beat them both!!!
The timing of her departure was perfect if you can say that...It rained and snowed the entire week afterwards....and I would have had a time putting her to rest in her "secret" place...
We were blessed and we blessed each other..I have much to be thankful for...
Speaking of bed, it is time again to go there...I wake up way too early these days and I am hoping that will subside...
thanks again...
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