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Old 07-21-2017, 12:32 PM
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Default Not right now but eventually

Next March I will have been running this forum for 10 years. And sadly, I am not able to spend much time here these days due to other obligations. And in August 2008, nine years ago, our diabetic dog passed away. I keep up with canine diabetes as much as I can, but that is also limited.

So I am starting to think about the inevitable point at which I will need to transfer ownership and administration of this forum to someone else. Not something that has to happen soon but it has to happen eventually.

I am looking for individuals here who would be willing to consider and discuss that possibility.

In its current state, administration of the forum basically just requires review and approval of new members. But along with needing to pass on ownership, at some point the forum will need to be upgraded to a newer version of the software and made more friendly for mobile devices.

So while there isn't a need to be experienced with vBulletin software and SQL databases, the future caretaker of this forum would have to either be relatively comfortable with computers and software or willing to learn.

For the record, I'm only really familiar with vBulletin when I have to do something major with it, which is rare. When I'm up to speed, I'm somewhere above a novice level but not much. And there are internet service providers that focus specifically on vBulletin forums and can do work on them for you for a fee.

That's all basically associated with an upgrade - the main driver of which is people's reliance on mobile devices.

The other major part of being the owner and administrator is setting a welcoming and kind tone here, providing accurate carefully researched advice, and avoiding "trashing" anything (people, pets, vets, diets, treatments) - something that's always been very important to me. The forum currently has a good reputation with a number of veterinarians around the country and has been recommended for its safe and sane environment.

I watched an older, previous forum devolve into the kind of endless flaming and nastiness you see all over the internet on social media and was determined to avoid that here. So I am the... policeman if you will... who deals with problems members. Fortunately, those cases are rare. But they are a part of the owner/administrator's job.

As you can imagine, this place is near and dear to my heart and when the day comes to transfer it to someone else, I hope to find someone who will carry it forward with likewise heart and empathy and desire for good advice people can rely on.

So... just think about it. And anyone who is interested in exploring the idea, please email me at k9diabetes@gmail.com.

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Old 07-21-2017, 12:37 PM
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Default Re: Not right now but eventually

Guess I should also mention that I have been entirely funding the site's operating expenses. Which are not large since the vBulletin software is owned. It amounts to paying a host for the site with adequate capacity to run the forum.

That wouldn't have to change but certainly could. And the k9diabetes.com site and the forum hosted on it can be treated separately. I mainly need someone willing to consider taking over administration of the forum.
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Old 07-23-2017, 05:01 AM
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Default Re: Not right now but eventually

I can't even try to calculate how many dogs lives you have improved and/or saved. I hope you find someone willing to move forward with this forum.

I have always appreciated the non-judgmental tone and kindness here.

Thanks again for everything Natalie. Judi
Jenny: 6/6/2000 - 11/10/2014 She lived with diabetes and cushings for 3 1/2 years. She was one of a kind and we miss her.
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Old 07-23-2017, 07:02 AM
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Default Re: Not right now but eventually

Natalie you have done a wonderful job with this site .my jesse is a great example of that having the opportunity to live a long life which i believe she would not have had without this forum

i am sure you will find someone to take your place and they will do a fine job but you will be especially missed with the wisdom you gave this site

this site is a place that doesnt judge and only gives an opinion on a direction for a disease that is still just a mystery
jesse-26 lbs - 13 years old - 8 years diabetic - one meal a day homemade and a vitabone snack - 3 shots of novolin a day sometimes novolog or r as a correction to higher sugar . total insulin for a 24 hour period is between 6 and 8 units of nph insulin depending on her fasting number
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Old 08-20-2017, 07:18 AM
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Default Re: Not right now but eventually

You have been so helpful...this is sooo very disappointing...To find someone with your knowledge and experience will be quite difficult. I did not realize that "Chris" was your baby..WOW!!!
Suzie, 10yo, chihuahua, dignosed D.M. 8/3/2017
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