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Old 04-21-2009, 01:49 PM
Patricia ann Wh Patricia ann Wh is offline
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Default Re: Jesse just diagnosed with Cushings

Hi Suzy, Yes the acth stim test was done today.
My vet said the ultrasound (2nd one) did not show abnormal adrenals.
He said all the organs looked good, the ultrasound is being sent to Dr. Peterson today or tomorrow as well as the acth test.
I will talk more tomorrow. I'm so exhausted.
My Jesse is getting everything I've got.
Someone mentioned the peeing, we're lucky (hes lucky) the front porch is partially enclosed and carpeted, he sits all day watching neighbors and the goings on, so to pee or poop he goes down his ramp ( I built it last year) and he's all set. He stays around on his own - no need to watch Mr. Jesse.
Thank you all again, You are all angels.
Patti and Jesse
Old 04-21-2009, 02:10 PM
Wylie's Mom's Avatar
Wylie's Mom Wylie's Mom is offline
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Default Re: Jesse just diagnosed with Cushings

The ultrasound report sounds great!

And it sounds like Jesse has "The Life". That's wonderful that you made a ramp. I bought one about 1-1/2 years ago for Wylie to get in & out of my Jeep Cherokee - because he had started to hesitate when jumping down. I'm so glad I have it now with all the vet visits he now has.

Can't wait to hear what Dr. Peterson says.

Old 04-22-2009, 01:58 PM
Patricia ann Wh Patricia ann Wh is offline
Join Date: Apr 2009
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Default Re: Jesse just diagnosed with Cushings

Has anyone heard of this being used??
google - antech diagnostics - retinoic acid cushings treatment


Well, still waiting for the ultrasound to get to Dr. Peterson and also the acth stim test results.

I'm glad to know you will all be there when the tests come back.

Thank you all, Patti and Jesse
Old 04-22-2009, 02:56 PM
Wylie's Mom's Avatar
Wylie's Mom Wylie's Mom is offline
Interim CC
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Default Re: Jesse just diagnosed with Cushings

I know that people here have heard of it, but I believe no one here has tried it or knows of anyone trying it.
Old 04-22-2009, 03:23 PM
Lulusmom's Avatar
Lulusmom Lulusmom is offline
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Default Re: Jesse just diagnosed with Cushings

Hi Patti,

I've read a number of abstracts for that study. It was a 2006 study done at the University of Buenos Aires and I was really excited when I read the first abstract. I got even more excited when I saw that it actually shrinks the size of the pituitary tumor (adenoma). We've all been so heartbroken over the loss of many cushdogs with macroadenomas so the prospect of a treatment that reduces cortisol as well as shrinks the tumor had me soaring with hope. I sent an email to Dr. Jack Oliver at the University of Tennessee to determine if they were doing any studies on this treatment and he responded that UTK does want to do their own study but he didn't know when that would be. Since the study was done in 2006 with such promising results, I asked why we aren't seeing more about it. He said more research needs to be done but he doesn't think anyone is pushing it because of the expense factor.....it is very, very expensive. I was pretty bummed.

I am sure that you are anxious for Dr. Peterson to confirm the diagnosis and believe me, I'm going to be on pins and needles too. Not every member is fortunate enough to have a world reknown expert on the case so we'll all be looking forward to your updates.

Give that beautiful Aussie boy a big hug for me.

Old 04-22-2009, 03:49 PM
Squirt's Mom's Avatar
Squirt's Mom Squirt's Mom is offline
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Default Re: Jesse just diagnosed with Cushings

Hi Patti,

Try this link; I think it is the one Glynda is talking about. I tried to post it earlier but am not sure it worked 'cause when I tried it just now, it didn't. This one did in the preview!

Retinoic Acid as a Novel Medical Therapy for Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

Leslie and the girls
Old 04-22-2009, 11:16 PM
Patricia ann Wh Patricia ann Wh is offline
Join Date: Apr 2009
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Default Re: Jesse just diagnosed with Cushings

Hi Glynda,

I was sure you had heard of retinoic acid.

When I read about it , I called the local pharmacy and asked the price - $3,000 FOR 100 PILLS, WOW, then I thought - Canada ! I could get it for 1/2 price. Something like $1,400. My mom said she'd split it with me.
(We would both live in a tent if we had to for Jesse.) We don't agree on everything - (we live together) but when it comes to our furry friends, the sky is the limit.
I called all over CT and no one has used it - they said probably because its so expensive.

I thought I would add this.

I'd been giving Jesse a few supplements I had read about for about a month or more. ( I knew it wasn't a cure all)
2 weeks ago when the blood tests started I backed off as to not alter the tests. I wish I hadn't because all the symptoms exhasberated within a few days of backing off.
When I started back up a few days ago - the symptoms calmed down.!!
Coincidence?? I don't know - but I don't think so.
Here is what I had been giving him.

http://dogtorrx.com/recommend.php?lang=en (read Ackerman)

I did call Ackermans office to confirm they are using the formula.

Seriphos phosphorylated serine

Jade Spring teapills

Well, lets see what tomorrow brings - my vet should be calling and Dr. Peterman is off tomorrow, he will call Friday.(I still couldn't get any test results)

Glynda - I thought this was interesting.
When I talked to someone at Dechra - I was told Peterman has treated more dogs with trilostane than anyone around - Petermans secretary told me he's only treated a few dogs with trilostane - but - she said he is the spokesman for Dechra. It seems as though there are alot of twists and turns when it comes to Dechra.

Its 2:00 am, oh, I'm not on pins and needles. Not much.
I don't ever remember being this nervous about anything in my life, but then - I've never met anyone like Jesse in my life either.

Thank you all again, Patti and Jesse.
Old 04-23-2009, 03:54 AM
Patricia ann Wh Patricia ann Wh is offline
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 56
Default Re: Jesse just diagnosed with Cushings

Hi Everyone,
Well, it is now 6:30 am and Jesse is on his cushy carpeted front porch, out there since 11:00 pm, he just went down to pee now . 7 1/2 hours
(I sleep from 7 pm till midnight and come down and keep my eye on him till morning, my mom has the 6 - 12 shift.)
At 2:00 this morning I mentioned a few supplements.
I have to say a little more about them.
Jesse had his first uti in Sept. (I think) that was the 1st sign of cush. looking back. he was on antibiotics, which I hate, the uti came back a short while later. I started looking for something else - anything besides antibioitcs.
Here is the answer. Right here.!!! Mesosilver!!


Hes been on silver since Sept. - I have his urine checked every 3- 4 weeks and the test comes back - "perfect" everytime. ( I always read dogs with cushings have constant uti's.)

Also - as I said before this thread, when I stopped the supplements, things skyrocketed.( I thought it was a coincidence) After last night and yesterday I'm TOTALLY CONVINCED THEY HELP - ALOT!!! Last night is the first night THIS WEEK he went without peeing in his sleep. He HAD NOT EVER peed in his sleep before this week - he would go 6-7-8 hours !!!!(but because the water consumption went through the roof as I said) he began to pee in his sleep when I stopped the supplements. Also, yesterday he took 4 little walks by himself around the yard (like he used to), the week off the supplements (last week) he did not take one walk!! He barked at everyone that went by yesterday , (he barely took notice of anyone this past week)
and - he was much more calm the last two nights. No question. And the water drastically dropped yesterday. My mother took notice too, she said "don't ever stop those supplements again!! She said you could see it in his eyes yesterday - he was just plain feeling better.
I think the drugs are necessary - BUT - I definitely think with the proper supplements - the dosages can be reduced.
Read dogtor rx - Dr. Ackermans study.
My background is holistic - Jesse is really holistic - he hasn't had a vaccine since he was 2 yrs old. ( my vet at that time was a Cornell vet teacher, he taught me alot, he was actually Dr. Martin Goldsteins partner )

I'm not saying to not use the drugs - I'm just saying that from what I witnessed this past week - all of these things made a HUGE difference - no question in my mind.

I'll be interested in your feedback.(sorry its so long)

Patti and Jesse
Old 04-23-2009, 09:25 AM
jrepac's Avatar
jrepac jrepac is offline
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Default Re: Jesse just diagnosed with Cushings

The retinoic acid link is really interesting...I am surprised it has not been tested yet here in the states. Silver for UTIs, I think has been around for some time...it just gets overshadowed by other methods.

I agree, each case is different, and some dogs respond to various supplements or combinations thereof. I've had great success with cranberry extract tabs....they've prevented additional UTIs in my 12yr old female Aussie (Mandy).

I'm using supplements for the liver, a glucose control vitamin, and an herbal mix, in tandem with generic Anipryl. It has proved effective, but hard to say what drives what.

I added a dose of melatonin (3mg) in the evening this week....after reading some promising stuff on it. At the very least, it seems to provide her with a very restful sleep!

I look forward to hearing/seeing more on Retinoic acid.

Old 04-23-2009, 12:53 PM
Patricia ann Wh Patricia ann Wh is offline
Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 56
Default Re: Jesse just diagnosed with Cushings


Oh - just reading more, I wish I could read more success stories.
Waiting for the vets to call - it should be tomorrow.
Am I right - is lysodern prescribed more for adrenal and trilostane more for pituitary??
It seems that there are so many bad reactions - at least from what I'm reading.
Maybe I should stop reading. But I have got stay informed to know what to watch for - right??
Dear Lord help me - to help my Jesse.

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