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Old 05-16-2013, 11:20 PM
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Default Re: My Dog Pip


I think you mentioned in one of your posts, Pip was having trouble with his hips or hind legs, if he's having some pain that could be why his bg is high & why he is not eating. I know you are seeing the vet right now & maybe they have answers, not always as you and I know.

I'm just wondering tho, in the meantime do you have pain med's for Pip?

Dolly & Angel Niki
Dolly & Niki passed 2010, 45 lb Border Collie Mix 8 yrs as diabetic, 13yrs old. Blind N 10.5 U 2 X * Dog is God spelled backwards*If there are no dogs in Heaven then when I die I want to go where they went. Niki's food Orijen & Turkey & Gr. Beans, See you at the bridge my beloved & cherished Niki, I miss you everyday
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Old 05-16-2013, 11:41 PM
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Default Re: My Dog Pip

I just went back through Chris' lab results after he was given a furosamide (Lasix) injection that sent his kidney values out of whack.

His BUN went up as high as 70.
Reference Ranges are 6-27 for BUN and 0.4-1.8 for CREAT

04.02.07 - BUN 59, CREAT 2.1 (after injection of Lasix)
04.04.07 - BUN 44, CREAT 2.0
05.31.07 - BUN 55, CREAT 2.0
06.15.07 - BUN 70, CREAT 2.8
12.04.07 - BUN 34, CREAT 1.7
07.17.08 - BUN 57, CREAT 3.1

That last test was just two weeks before he passed away.

His urine specific gravity remained decent so the vets didn't feel there was any significant kidney impairment despite the high enzyme levels.

Lasix helped him with some coughing - perhaps just his really bad case of old dog lung disease - apparently by drying out his airways. So we gave him a little rarely because we knew it drove his kidney numbers up.

Unfortunately, Chris isn't the only dog I have seen go through a whole host of diagnostic tests that were unable to uncover the cause of a problem that was obviously there given his behavior. There was little doubt in either the GP vet's or the IMS oncologist's mind that the lesions found in his lungs a couple of weeks before he passed were secondary to a primary cancer somewhere else. He had been so frail. And his problems eating started a long time before that.

If again faced with that situation, I would do all of the noninvasive tests we did again - the only chance of identifying and perhaps treating a problem is to try to diagnose it. But I know from our experience and from the experience of other dogs that sometimes the cause can't be found.

I am NOT saying that Pip has cancer. Just that no matter how much you try, sometimes an answer is not forthcoming. It is inherent to the limits of noninvasive diagnostic procedures.

Since his blood sugar is completely out of whack already, it wouldn't hurt to try a very gentle but bland diet. If you can keep the calories the same as his usual meals and he will eat it, you would have a shot at decently keeping his blood sugar in line. Chris spent a long time eating boiled chicken, white rice, and lowfat cottage cheese for example. He didn't like meat baby food, but a lot of dogs do and that's another good bland option for a protein source. jack would slurp it up happily.

Just as a final example, our cat Katie is almost 17 and her bowel is just as dysfunctional as her brother Gus' was. The only food she will agree to eat and that doesn't cause her bowel to blow up is meat baby food.

The baby food probably is not doing her kidney function much good - it is in a slow chronic fail. But it's pointless to even talk about prescription diets or even commercial canned food. Most she won't eat and the rest screws up her digestion. So she gets her baby food every day and when her kidneys give out we will have to let her go. But in the meantime, she's pretty happy. She likes her baby food a lot, slurps up every last drop we give her, and seems generally happy, which is the important thing in the end.

I wouldn't hesitate to change up Pip's diet completely even if it's not "kosher" with his diabetes.

You can be conservative with the insulin and should be able to give a bit of insulin, up to one quarter of his dose, if he doesn't eat anything at all. You can prop up his blood sugar with syrup if need be.

For that matter, maybe he's got IBD or inflammation and would ultimately benefit from a steroid. I wouldn't hesitate to give that either if it helps him. In most of these things, ultimately the diabetes is secondary and can be managed well enough.

Do you have the full ultrasound report?

There should be a written one. I'd be interested in what it says.

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Old 05-17-2013, 08:42 AM
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Default Re: My Dog Pip

Hi Dolly & Natalie - My husband was at the Vet again yesterday and it appears as though our meters are 50% off in most cases. So we are adding that to the numbers we get.

Pip is getting Cerenia pills now, so we're hoping his nausea can be kept at bay.

Thank you for all the information Natalie. I do understand what you're telling me. The Vet basically said what you're saying. Not much can be done without invasive testing, and he MUST eat - diabetes is secondary.

My computer is down at home, so let me get the ultrasound and I'll try to post it tomorrow or at least the highlights.

Thank you everyone!!!
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Old 05-17-2013, 09:46 AM
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Default Re: My Dog Pip

Hi Pam

When Angus was vomiting almost every hour 2 weeks ago, the vet was concerned about dehydration and the weekend coming up and he gave him an injection of cerenia and it was really effective. Hope it works as well on Pip

Take care
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Old 05-25-2013, 06:31 AM
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Default Re: My Dog Pip

Hi Pam, I wanted to see how you and Pip were doing?

I am having problems with Ruby and have had a hard time keeping up or hanging onto the difficult/confusing threads, but I had seen the activity and concern on Pip's thread and kept meaning to come back and wish you well.

I just want to throw it out there...I wonder if something as benign as Slippery Elm would help. Ruby has been on it for awhile and it has helped with vomiting. Depending on the cause of Pip's discomfort it might help with nausea and innapetance. If Ruby is on antibiotics I let 2 hrs. go in-between the Slippery Elm and the pill.

Here is the link I use:


sending you strength, Tara
Tara in honor of Ruby.
She was a courageous Boston Terrier who marched right on through diabetes, megaesophagus, and EPI until 14.
Lucky for both of us we found each other. I'd do it all again girly.
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Old 05-25-2013, 07:14 AM
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Default Re: My Dog Pip

Hi Tara - thank you for checking in on us. We're hanging in there. Trying to stay at one dose of insulin. On a much happier note, Pip has eaten his last three meals on his own - without coaxing....and all of it. I'm almost afraid to say anything for fear of jinxing him. LOL The meals were not his home cooked food as he will not eat that anymore.

Actually I have slippery elm - I think from reading one of your posts. I give it to my other dog as well.

Both of my dogs seem to have digestive issues and I even asked our Vet if he thought it was something in my house or yard

<<Thanks Tara>>
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Old 05-26-2013, 06:41 AM
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Default Re: My Dog Pip

glad he is eating, so glad
Eddie is a 14yr old Rat Terrier Who is very well loved.

Love, Released and All promises kept. My Heart, My Heart, My Heart
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Old 05-26-2013, 09:36 PM
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Default Re: My Dog Pip

Whispering cheers that he is eating Pam!
Patty and Ali 13.5yrs 47lbs diagnosed May '08 Ali earned her wings October 27, 2012, 4 months after diagnosis of a meningioma ~ Time is precious ~
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Old 05-27-2013, 07:20 AM
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Default Re: My Dog Pip

Happy news, Pam. Hope the good appetite continues.
Holli & Decker // diagnosed November 5th, 2011 // Journeyed to the bridge January 26th, 2013, surrounded by his family at home // 9 years old // Levemir insulin // Hypothyroid // C1-C5 cervical spinal lesion // weight 87 lbs // Run with the wind my sweet boy. Run pain free. Holding you close in my heart till we meet again!
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Old 05-29-2013, 10:42 AM
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Default Re: My Dog Pip


Not to jinx here... but so glad that Pip is eating..

Barb & Abby 12/24/1999-12/31/2013 ~ dx 5/10/2011 ~ Forever in my heart ~
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