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Old 03-10-2016, 01:35 PM
Afanasii Afanasii is offline
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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

Dog's name, breed: Georgia, Borzoi
Dog's weight: 72lbs
Diet: Purina One; changing to raw prey model
Insulin: Humulin N
Number of units per injection and injections per day: 9 units, 2x day
Brand of BG meter if home testing: I haven't purchased one yet.

Georgia was diagnosed yesterday, so we are just starting to adjust her food and use insulin.

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Old 04-20-2016, 04:40 PM
Heidi'sMommy Heidi'sMommy is offline
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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

New here, so let's get started...

Baby Name: Heidi (‹nheimlich Heidelberg to the AKC folks)

Baby Breed: Rottweiler

Baby Age: 7 years, 24 days...and counting!

Diagnosis Date: July 25, 2015

Current Weight: 119 lbs (not fat, just MASSIVE, you should have seen the size of her father), going from 120 in July 2015 rapidly down to 112 following a fluctuation in her regulation, but back up to her current fighting weight.

1. Fed every 12 hours, 1.5 cups of Wegman's Nature dry combined ANYTHING that will get her to eat her kibble (usually boiled chicken breast/ground turkey/scrambled eggs, peas or green beans, small amount of rice). Sometimes we're lucky and she eats her kibble and a little wet food. Night feeding we add a teaspoon of clear fiber.
(UPDATE: Down to 3/4 cups Wegman's Nature dry, bribery foods remain the same.)
2. Just requested a Wysong's Epigen sample pack and hoping that she takes to it as it seems to be a decent protein to fat to carb ratio, as the current kibble is just way too high in carbs, in my opinion.
(UPDATE: 1/3 cup Epigen 90)
3. Trying FreshPet Vital tonight as a mixer...*fingers crossed*

Insulin: Novolin N (THANK GOD FOR SAM'S CLUB!!--only $24.88 per vial), 38 units BID

Meter: Have one, but don't use it...she has really thick ears that yield little to NO blood and it's almost impossible to get blood from anywhere else, other than veins. Vet suggested nipping her nail so that it bleeds if we're in a pinch...umm...I live less than 5 minutes from a 24-hour emergency vet clinic, so if she acts abnormally or I think her sugar is off, I just run her over there.

Regulation: Currently regulated, as of her last blood glucose curve (March 17, 2016). YAY!

Misc: Has been getting UTI's like nobody's business since her diagnosis

Note: I want to send the best wishes to everyone out here that understands the daily struggles we and our fur babies face with this disease every day! You are great pet parents and your "little ones" (quotes are required as she weighs as much as I do...lol) definitely know it!


Last edited by Heidi'sMommy; 06-05-2016 at 07:38 AM. Reason: Changed insulin type and food.
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Old 05-31-2016, 07:01 PM
kuau kuau is offline
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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

Bart the Beagle
14 years old
Diagnosed 6 months ago
Now eating cooked chicken, organic brown rice and broccoli
Novalin N twice a day 30 gauge 6 units
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Old 06-16-2016, 10:01 PM
Kylie's Mom Kylie's Mom is offline
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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

Kylie is a 13 year old toy poodle with diabetes and Cushings. She currently receives 6 units of Caninsulin and 7.5 mg of Trilostane each twice a day. We use an Alphatrak. Kylie is fed a homemade custom diet designed for her by a veterinary nutritionist.
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Old 07-01-2016, 08:45 PM
tucker's Mom tucker's Mom is offline
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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

Tucker- mixed beagle type dog
10 years old
diabetic about 1 month
26 pounds down now to 20 pounds
Vetsulin 7 units Am and PM
I have no blood sugar meter

This is my first Post. I have been reading all over the site for hours. My biggest problem is that my dog won't eat the diet the vet is suggesting. I have tried 3 different foods. Today I made a rice, chicken and green bean mixture and he was so happy and ate it all. I am looking for a recipe of what ratio of rice to meat with added green beans and how much should I give AM/PM for a 20 pound dog. Also I see some add oatmeal or potatoes.
A big thank you to any one who can offer some help and support.
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Old 07-15-2016, 05:16 AM
Isabelle's Avatar
Isabelle Isabelle is offline
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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

Isabelle-Scottish Terrier 28 pounds, diagnosed 4 weeks ago and still trying to regulate, 7 units Hunulin N 2x per day after eating Royal Canin ultra low fat prescription kibble (I forgot the precise name) mixed with 1 teaspoon low fat prescription caned. We still go to the vet for glucose checks - we are working the courage to test her at home (we'll get there!).
Izzy's Mom - 11 years old, 24 pounds, diabetic since May, 2016, 12 units Humulin N every 12 hours; 1/2 cup Blue prescription k/s three times a day and a regular grain free greenie after dinner
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Old 07-15-2016, 08:49 PM
Rover Rover is offline
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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

This was a good information for us! Thank's for this thread.
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Old 08-02-2016, 12:16 AM
jbeecham jbeecham is offline
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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

Name - Tuesday
Breed - Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix
Age - 9 years old, Diabetic about 1 year
Weight - 65 lbs
Insulin - Humulin N... although switching to Walmart's Relion Novolin N - 10 units, 2x day
Diet - Vet prescribed Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets DCO Dual Fiber Control... although I'd like some advice about switching to another brand.

First of all, THANK YOU for this forum. Our vet was charging $234 for each 10ml vial of Humulin N and $45 for each 100 pack of needles... let's just say I was a little bit angry after finding out (after a year) that Walmart has Novolin N for $24.88.

They've also been giving us a hard time about a prescription for the Purina food. They're giving us a decent price @ $60 per 32lb bag, but they always have to special order it, which is frustrating when we're running low.

I know this is a debated topic on this board, but I'd like some advice on food. I've been thinking about switching to Merrick's Grain-Free Healthy Weight, which is high protein, low fat, medium carb. Would this be a good food for a diabetic dog? I know you guys say that every dog is different & can do well on different foods, but I'd like to give my dog something that doesn't have corn, corn meal & chicken by-products as the main ingredients.

Thanks for your time.

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Old 08-02-2016, 03:06 PM
Lashly Lashly is offline
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Default Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

I found most of the posts regarding diet useful. Not sure where to purchase some of the foods, but I'm going to look around. Zaar seems quite tired with his usual Royal Canin and Hills Prescription Diet. I do add shredded chicken, veggies, broth and/or tuna water. Followed someone's suggestion of baby food, but Zaar wasn't impressed.I even add hot dogs or pork sometimes - just to get him interested to eat so I can give insulin. Read here someone wrote about their dogs diet in the last month. I'm wondering if Zaar is telling me something? He's also blind, 15 and 3 months and as a friend says - Zaar is in his own world. I'm a bit sad.
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Old 08-02-2016, 03:15 PM
Lashly Lashly is offline
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Thumbs up Re: Your dog's diet, insulin, and meter used

Originally Posted by peony View Post
Kirby is a Schnoodle and is 8 1/2 years old. He was diagnosed in Dec of 2015.

He currently weighs 21 pounds. His lowest weight was 17 pounds and highest was 31 pounds.

He eats Blue Buffalo Healthy Weight 2/3 cup twice a day. He gets boiled chicken, frozen green beans and pieces of a rice cake as treats. The vet recommended the rice cakes as he acts like he is starving most of the time. They have one ingredient - whole grain brown rice and are salt free.

He has been getting 5 units of Novolin N twice a day but we're increasing to 6 units twice a day tomorrow (Please wish us luck.)

I use the Alpha Trak 2 glucose meter. I started with the ReliOn meter but I was having a very hard time. The Apha Trak gives me more time and you can insert the strip more than once. There are also two spots to try and get blood on each strip. Even though the ReliOn strips are much cheaper I was throwing many of them away because of failed attempts.
I found this post extremely encouraging, specifically the info on Blue Buffalo and the rice cakes. I'm ordering the food now! Thanks for sharing.
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