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Old 04-22-2009, 02:57 PM
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Default Re: Wylie, miniload


Man it is scary when we don't know.

I remember a bout of gastroentonitis. It was sudden onset and it was horrible. This was me not Moria.

It is going to take a bit for the ALKP number to go down.

I have started giving Moria tummy meds every morning and I also changed her diet. She gets ranantidine and it works well.

They can develop chronic digestive issuses.

Old 04-22-2009, 03:43 PM
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Default Re: Wylie, miniload

Originally Posted by LuvMyMunchie View Post
Hmmmmm, pumpkin colored with a splash of French’s yellow mustard and a grass snack on the side. Sounds all too familiar!
Poop Salad!!!!

Old 04-22-2009, 04:21 PM
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Default Re: Wylie, miniload

Nikes Alk Phos stayed elevated for about a year and half with her cortisol very well controlled, never above 5. She got down to 0.3 when I first loaded her (alk phos stayed elevated,) then the IMS wanted her down to below 1 when we were trying to figure out why her water uptake was not dropping and she got to 0.7 (alk phos elevated) but the last time when I did the miniload I think she was down to 0.5 maybe, that was in Oct off lyso till her next stim and lytes in Dec her AlkPhos was normal, If I am remembering it correctly. We tried the SAMe for a few months and that never made any difference so I quit giving it as it was an added expence that we, I, didnt need so all she was on was her pain meds and lysodren. Dont know but they have stayed within the normal range for the past year and half.with me doing nothing. Thats my one in a million dog.
Kenai eats dishrags if you remember and I have no idea where he gets them from but I do identify them as mine once they come back up again. Nike did have a bout with gastrointeritis when she was way younger. Do you know how much wall 20ccs of pepto will cover, I can tell you. The vet had me give 20ccs of pepto everytime she had loose stool. I would put the syringe in her cheek and squirt the pepto in, close her mouth thinking she was swallowing it then I would let her go, she would open her mouth and shake her head, dont need to say more other than I started giving it to her in my garage and had the only dark blue pink speckled jeep in anchorage. She probably ate some of the treats the moose would leave in my yard is what the vet thought and she was given antibiotics and was better very quickly. Sorry for the book.
Very discriptive poop leaves nothing to the imagination, good job, we become poop experts here one on my famous sayings is "Poop doesnt lie"
Hugs to Wylie and you
Old 04-23-2009, 03:17 PM
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Default Re: Wylie, miniload

Originally Posted by ventilate View Post
Dont know but they have stayed within the normal range for the past year and half.with me doing nothing. Thats my one in a million dog.
I just realized that Wylie seems to be taking cues from Debbie's Harley, I am going to insist that he take his cues from Nike from now on!

Originally Posted by ventilate View Post
Do you know how much wall 20ccs of pepto will cover, I can tell you...had the only dark blue pink speckled jeep in anchorage.
Note to self - "no pepto for Wylie"

Originally Posted by Squirt's Mom View Post
Poop Salad!!!!
Oh, no – don’t tell Wylie that it’s “salad”.

I might go ahead and give the Pepcid AC before his dinners instead of lunches.


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