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Testing on Inside of Upper Lip

Ali's blood sugar being tested on the inside upper lip (YouTube link) — check out how calm Ali is.

Much smaller Lucy, a mini Schnauzer, is also tested on the lip in this YouTube video.

Chris' blood glucose tested on the inside upper lip. This video is now on YouTube. Chris was 14 years old when this video was made and had been diabetic for 4.5 years. He was tested several times every day and you can see what a nonevent testing was for him, as it is for most dogs.

Ginny testing Starz on the lip. This is a smaller, 1 megabyte file and is so cute that you really should watch it just for fun.

Testing on an Elbow Callous for Big Dogs

Lily is tested on her elbow callous and on the lip in videos posted at YouTube. Be sure and wait for her beautiful close-up... What a face!

Killian's blood glucose tested on his elbow callous. This file is about 5 megabytes and includes a big sloppy kiss from Killian at the end!

Testing on the Carpal Pad

Mini Schnauzer Lucy is tested on her carpal pad (YouTube).

Kramer, also a mini schnauzer, is tested on a foot pad (YouTube).

Westie Chloe is tested on the carpal pad while standing.

Testing on the Back at the Base of the Tail

Tiggy demonstrates her tests done at the base of the tail (YouTube link). See the link on the right for a video of Tiggy getting her shot.

Another version of testing on the back, a spot that works well for small dogs, is a photo tutorial.

Other Testing Videos and Picture Tutorials

Some nonvideo information covers other places to test your dog, including an elbow callous on larger dogs and on the back just at the base of the tail.

Check Out the Cat Being Tested

If you have doubts about your ability to test your dog, check out this wonderful video of a cat being tested.

Cats are usually tested on the ear, which generally does not work as well for dogs.



Chris being tested

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