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k9diabetes 07-31-2018 02:00 PM

AAHA Guidelines for diabetes 2017 update
There's some excellent information in these guidelines - including immediately giving Vetsulin / Caninsulin twice a day - and a quite conservative starting dose of 1/8 of a unit per pound.

AAHA link: https://www.aaha.org/public_documents/guidelines/diabetes%20guidelines_final.pdf

Link of copy at www.k9diabetes.com: http://www.k9diabetes.com/AAHAGuideDiabetes2017.pdf


In diabetic dogs, the Task Force recommends a starting dose of 0.25 U/kg of lente (Vetsulin) q 12 hr, rounded to the nearest whole
U. Most dogs are well controlled on insulin at an average dose of 0.5 U/kg q 12 hr with a range of 0.2–1.0 U/kg.

0.25 units per kilogram is the equivalent of 0.125 units per pound.

60 pound dog weighs 27 kilograms and would be started with this guideline on 7 units and an average controlling dose of 13 units.

I agree with the controlling dose - the starting dose is pretty conservative, but I think starting at 1/4 unit per pound is too high and prefer to see at most 1/5 unit per pound (0.20 units).


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