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Default Re: Steph and Pallie

I am glad it was lypoma. Not sure if it the old dogness or the cushingsness but I tell you, if Nike didnt have all her lypomas she would weigh about 10 lbs less. The vet laughs that it is as good thing she has one big one one each of her sides or she would topple over He has all of hers maped, and he checks her over every time we go in and counts them. she has so many anymore I have lost count, He will ask me as he is examining her if he finds one if this is a new one? when she had one or 2 I could answer now she has 10 or 20 couldnt tell ya. If he has not maped it, he will aspirate it to check it out. Nike has some close to or on her mammory glands as well. Hey we need to write Obama and give him this idea, we dont need the stinken alaska pipline we have lypomas.......

Good luck

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