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Default Re: Roxee, 13 1/2 y.o. Shih-Tzu/Lhasa mix on Trilostane

Originally Posted by Roxee'sDad View Post
Hi All,
First I want to thank Natalie for the opportunity to post here and keep track of our cush support family.

Roxee had a bout with the squirts (No offense to Leslie's baby) diahrea yesterday morning and of course I freaked because she is on Trilo, but then her sister Rozee (littermate) also came down with diahrea. Crappy to wish on Rozee, but made me feel better that it wasn't the Trilo. Tried PeptoBismol, pumpkin and Patty cooked up some bland chicken and pasty rice but to no avail. Last night was the squirty poop night from hell.

Won't go into gory details but the washing machine has been going non stop all day and it's not over yet. We took Roxee and Rozee to the vet first thing this morning. Found some nasty bacteria and blood in there stool samples.
Gave them both a shot of Vitamin B-12 and Bicillin. Follow on by 5 days of Metronidazole liquid and 5 days of Amforal liquid.

Needless to say Roxee did not get her Trilo this morning and probably skip tomorrow if she still doesn't feel good.

We have 4 furbabies in this house and only 2 got the squirts. Thinking it might have been the pumpkin. I in all my wisdom decided to add a little pumpkin to there late night snack and used a spoon that had dog food on it. Patty found this in the pumkin can and told me that's a no-no. Thought she got it all out but maybe the dogfood interacted with the pumkin overnight and caused this nasty bacteria. so why only Rox and Roz. Because the first 2 spoons from the can went into Rox and Roz's dish before Mickee and Littlebit got fed. So it could be the sisters got the contaminated pumpkin and Mick and L'bit got off scott free. I Hope! Can't imagine 4 dogs running around here with the squirts.

John (Roxee's Dad)
PS -Wanted to thank Leslie and Glynda for helping me with this on the PM option. I was desperate.
"Roxee had a bout with the squirts (No offense to Leslie's baby) diahrea "
LOL! I am so juvenile, but I found this highly amusing! (nothing personal Squirt)
4 dogs with the Squirts would definitely be a nightmare. I doubt you would be finishing up the laundry so quickly
Hope everyone is mending nicely.