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Default Re: WalMart Humulin N changing to Novolon?

If it's true that Walmart is switching their ReliOn branded insulin from Humulin to Novolin, it really isn't a big deal. Apparently, Walmart / ReliOn has two of the biggest producers of insulin bid on a contract to sell their insulin. For about the past two years Eli Lilly had the contract with their Humulin insulins. Prior to that, we were getting Novolin insulins that were produced by Novo Nordisk. Both companies make quality NPH, as well as other insulins.

We had a minor panic two years ago when Walmart went from Novolin to Humulin, but I believe everyone made the switch without a problem. The formula might have some very minor differences, but if I'm remembering correctly, Annie's dosage remained the same. Of course, it might be prudent to make a slight reduction for the first shot or two just to be sure your dog reacts the same on Novolin-N as on Humulin-N.

Just hope the stores get restocked with either soon, and at a good price.
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