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Just had a think about this and it rang a little bell with me - and I did some Googling and I think you can relax!

Smell - Pheromones

* Dogs use pheromones (chemical substances secreted in urine, feces, & glandular secretions) as part of their communications system.

* Reception of pheromones appears to take place in an accessory olfactory organ called the Vermonasal Organ (or Organ of Jacobson).

* The Flehmen Response or Tonguing (where dog salivates & teeth chatters) may facilitate this. This response is common after a male “investigates” a female's urine.
It is from here (just under 1/2 the way down):

I think you must have had a trace of something "interesting" on your hand - maybe a perfume even as these do sometimes contain pheromones or something chemically close enough to a pheromone to trigger this response. It could well be something that you would be completely unable to detect.