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Default Re: 9 Yr Old Silly Lab - REPOSTED HERE

Thank you both so much for your support and words of encouragement. It truly means a lot.

Scoobs was just at the vet today, and as I suspected, his BG was off the charts. They did a curve last week and 2 out of 3 readings were off the charts. One was around 400. They upped his insulin from 15 to 17 units, and as of today, bumped it up to 19. Still twice a day.

He is going back in tomorrow for a urinealysis and an iv drip, since he's a little dehydrated.

He eats 4 small meals a day, since he he so malnurished. It's the w/d, which I'm not impressed with, and some potatoes (sometimes I add some cooked lean protein).

It's truly heartbreaking, because the poor guy is constantly starving. I want to switch his food asap, but the vets have no recommendations. They love that expensive prescription food.

So, we'll see if 19 units makes a dent or not. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The goofy skinny pup is aching to get into trouble.

I hope both your journeys are going more smoothly than mine.

Again, Scoobs and I thank you and your pups
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