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Default Re: I need some help please

Outside of the analog insulins (Lantus, Levemir, Novolog, Apidra, Humalog), which are often very fragile, if insulin hasn't been exposed to any extremes either way (hot, cold or light), the opened insulin should be fine for 30 days at room temp.

Many people who know they'll use the entire vial within a month's time don't refrigerate their insulin after opening it at all, but keep it at room temp.

I don't think your forgetting the to put the insulin back in the fridge did it any harm at all--think that it was the wrong food with Buster. Now that you're back on the right food for him, you should see his bg's going down gradually within a few days.

Diabetes Care-September 2003-Dr. Martin M. Grajower
How Long Should Insulin Be Used Once a Vial Is Started?

When he wrote this, you got plenty of responses from the human pharmas who make insulin--most of them pooh-poohing the idea that a vial could last more than 30 days.

Diabetes Care 2003

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