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Default Re: Hello! Rolo and I are new here.


Think you need to ask Steve these questions because he's really VERY good in the "Art of Fine Dosing". When we started working on the Pet Diabetes Wiki in late 2005, Steve was living in Sweden. I understand that since then, he's now in London. The last e-mail address I have for him is this one:

steveandjock at petabit dot com. (Done this way to prevent bots from harvesting it.) He hasn't changed the address for sending him diabetes case studies (You can do your own without contacting him.), so I'd believe he's still connected with

Am not seeing anything further in a search of FDMB with "fine doses" so don't think he's added anything more there which isn't on the Fine Doses wiki page.

Those who are using either Levemir or Lantus at FDMB have also learned how to get the most "bang for their buck" when buying insulin. With most cats being smaller than dogs, the amount of insulin they use is considerably less and a vial of insulin will lose potency long before they're done with it.

So they buy their insulin in cartridge form because each cartridge is good for the expiration date stamped on the package if it's kept according to the maker's specifications and not opened. They draw their fine doses from individual 3ml insulin cartridges, getting the job done and saving quite a bit of money at it; you're not starting a 10ml vial of insulin and tossing most of it out because of potency issues this way.

Would give a try to the e-mail address above and see if it's valid. If not, he was last at his Wikipedia Page at the middle of April. You can leave him a message there by using the "Discussion" tab.