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Default Insulin, Syringes, Injections

This contains all UK approved veterinary medications.

The ones which may be of most interest to this board would be:

Caninsulin information

Insuvet information

Just learned that Pfizer Animal Health purchased the Insuvet brand of insulins. Before the Intervet/Schering-Plough merger, Schering-Plough owned the Insuvet name, while Intervet produced Caninsulin/Vetsulin. To complete the merger, Schering-Plough agreed to sell the rights to the Insuvet line.

The Insuvet insulins were always produced by Wockhardt/CP Pharma, who has its line of Hypurin bovine and porcine insulins for people.

"Schering-Plough--Insuvet contract manufacturing"

Since Wockhardt/CP Pharma is about the only one producing beef and pork insulins for humans, I'd believe that Pfizer has continued with this manufacturing agreement.

Vetoryl (trilostane)--Dechra