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Default Re: New: Virgil, 10 yr/old Jack Russell

Thank you guys so much for your replies! I'm learning so much!

Another question...

I dropped a brand new (only took 9 units out of it) 10mL bottle of vetsulin on the floor this morning. The bottle didn't break, and there were bubbles in it when I picked it up. Can I still use it? or do I toss it? I really hate to waste $40! One website I read this morning said it was ok if you let it settle again (letting the air escape the solution) but because of the slow release mechanism I'm not sure if it would still be ok to use. Link to website.

BTW, I was rolling it when it dropped (so I hadn't pulled out this morning's dosage) and was really glad that I still had some left in an older bottle in the fridge. Thanks to the board I knew to keep extra on hand! THANK YOU!

I will have hubby pick up a new bottle on his way home from work just encase its not a good idea to keep using it. I'm also going to put a call into the vet and ask.

Thanks guys!
Virgil: 12 year old Jack Russell, 28 lbs, dx 4-25-09, NPH: 14 units x2, Food: Iams (weight loss, dry) & 1/8 tsp. Metamucil w/ water, BG in 100's-250's, Testing: OneTouch Ultra and Ketodiastix