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Default Re: WalMart Humulin N changing to Novolon?

Snoopy, I'm not expert, but what I'm gathering is that there may be a mild adjustment needed to switch to novolon, but that it should be mostly the same.

I have an extra bottle of Humulin N that I bought so I won't run into this issue for a month, but I plan to make the switch to keep costs in check. I will be doing a curve on Zoe within the first few days of the switch to see how it's working.

I'm still not sure exactly what I should be looking for or how these two insulins are different. But, I must keep my costs lowered, so novolon is it for me.
Zoe: 12 yr old Black Lab/shepherd mix. Diagnosed 6/1/11. Currently on 15 units Novolin NPH 2x day, and hopefully as close to regulated as possible. Feeding merrick Grain Free Salmon and Sweet Potato. Weight 63lbs.