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Default Jessie, Min schnauzer just dx-ed

Hi all! I am a mod over on the cushings forum but my mom and stepdad's little girl Jessie was just dxed with diabetes today. Here is what I know for now:

All blood panel normal except for glucose - 450

Her symptoms were ravenous appetite for a while now and just recently excessive thirst and urination in house.

The vet gave them Vetsulin (which even I know is off the market) and told him to give 2 shots a day (6 units) and come back in a week to have the levels checked? Does this sound normal? I was expecting them to keep her and monitor more closely but this is new to me.

The vet did mention that they'd have to change to perhaps human insulin. My quesion - why not start there? Should I be concerned? I think he has a week's supply. Again, not sure.

I asked what he was told to do in emergency and he said give some karo syrup.

My stepdad doesn't ask alot of questions and tends to be very trusting in docs so if there is anything missing - let me know so I can let him know!!

Thanks guys!!! Kim
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