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Default Re: Jessie, Min schnauzer just dx-ed

She weighs 23 lbs. She is short and very stocky. I have suspected diabetes or thyroidism for years.

Yes, he did tell them to feed 12 hrs apart and same with shots.

Food - I don't know the brand but it is kibble. He told the vet and said the vet said that it was fine. It is my understanding that it should be relatively low fat yet high protein - is this right?

Re checking the levels...uhm... maybe in the future. He was quite proud of having given the shot. It took alot out of him. My mom says she won't do it but she is playing hard ball and will come around... so up the road I'll bring that one up.

I like the idea of the urine strips. Thanks.

I am sure he will go with the Walmart brand. You said the syringes are different? What is the easiest one to use with the Walmart Novolin NPH? Thanks so much!

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